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Road traffic accident claim

Here, at the G & M Direct Claim, we maintain a successful record of guaranteeing maximum compensation to our client on road traffic accident claim. The accident on the road may be the result of another person’s negligence or rashness. It is a secret to no one that road traffic accidents are nasty. Injuries resulting from accidents may be minor and small. In many other cases, however, the injuries from car accidents may transform the whole life of the affected person. The accident may result into a varying level of harms to persons, impacting their emotional, psychological and physical parts. The chances are that a person may sustain financial losses and inconvenience as a result of the accident. So, whatever the scale of the injury is, the affected person has legal rights under personal injury law to claim compensation against the personal injuries. Our firm is focused on helping the client to necessarily succeed in their claims. 

Road traffic accident claim

Road traffic accidents

By every account road traffic accidents constitute the leading cause of injuries and suffering to people around the UK. Many cases are there in which accidents lead to permanent and life-long disabilities. Especially in areas, which are many, where the road mobility is the most available and wide source of moving the problem is worst. The increasing rate of road traffic accidents are causing health and safety issues around the UK. Moreover, many persons face legal complications in the aftermath arising out of a road traffic accidents. So, causes and circumstances for road accidents to happen exist there. There are many types of road accidents that may occur. Generally categorize are:
  • Car accidents
Accidents due to cars are among the most common accidents. As cars are among the primarily vehicle that moves on roads, therefore, the accidents due to cars rank higher than that of other causes. According to a few estimates, accidents due to cars make more than about three quarters of the overall accidents.
  • Vulnerable users
Another major category of road accidents involve users who are, by their nature and condition on roads, vulnerable to road accidents. Vulnerable users or roads may include:
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists, and bikers
As these users are at risks and vulnerable to accidents from cars, therefore the chances of injuries are greater. An accident may lead to serious repercussions and injuries to cyclists, pedestrians, and bikers. Resultantly, we may witness injuries as grave as those related to head or brain.

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Car Accident

You may be entitled to make a car accident claim for compensation when you have suffered an injury in a road traffic accident which was clearly the fault of the other party.

Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in the last three years that wasn’t your fault and feels wrong, we can help you make it right with a compensation claim.

Why you must choose the G & M Direct Claim?

In case you have been injured or hurt in a road traffic accident the law offers you protection and compensation against your losses. No matter whether the injuries resulted in losses in physical, psychological, emotional, and financial terms, the law offers compensation against all the losses. You may either be a passenger, a pedestrian or a driver. Irrespective of your status on the road, if you have suffered and sustained injuries then you establish your personal injury claim.

Let us take care of all complications!

Certainly, the primary chances of injury on roads are due to cars. The possibility is that the driver of the car was driving at a high speed, made a wrong turn or happened to reverse the car direct into yours. If your status, during the accident, was that of a passenger then it is almost certain that you are not responsible for the incident. If you were driving the car then there is need for you to prove that the fault lies another person’s shoulder. So, there are certain complications in the case of establishing a claim. However, we ask you to let us deal with those complications and worries and walk with us to see the day you succeed. We, at the G & M Direct Claim, are highly trained and expert on all cases. Whatever the level of delicacy and complication is we are deal with the road traffic accident claims.
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In our knowledge and practice, we are second to none. We are the most reliable and trustworthy name in the town. We always take our client’s rights and safety in the highest regard.
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We provide practical and the most-needed advices on road accident claim. If you are confused and perturbed on filing the lawsuit we invite you to tell your queries to us. We will make sure that your needs are fully materialized. In case you are willing to file the lawsuit against the injuries our solicitors and advisors will make certain that you get the maximum out of your road accident claim.