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Road traffic accident claim

Who we are:

G&M Direct Claim Ltd was established in 2008 and since then it has became one of the leading “Accident Claim Management” companies in the United Kingdom. At G&M Direct, the individuals handling your claims have the requisite skills, experience and qualifications to ensure that your claims receive the highest level of handling, with a focus on service delivery and achieving fast settlements. We encourage a sense of ownership, providing the infrastructure, training and development to enable our teams to achieve their maximum potential, which results in the best service being provided to our clients.

G&M is a Claims Management firm and we can assist you in making a claim. If you have been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim. G&M offers a panel of specialist personal injury solicitors with experience and expertise with various types of accident claims. Dealing with the most common types of accidents including vehicle damage, road traffic accidents as a driver, passenger or pedestrian, accidents at work as a result of poor training or equipment and slip or trips in a shop or public area.

We are experienced with various circumstances surrounding an accident, allowing you to speak to the right expert so that they can look at your situation and advise you on whether you can expect to be successful in getting compensation for your injury.

Data Protection and Privacy:

Data protection and confidentiality is imbedded within the G&M culture to protect all personal and firm information. We aim to handle your privacy with care. Personal and sensitive data is treated with discretion and in confidence. Following UK and EU laws including the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) to offer privacy and confidentiality when handling / facilitating your claim. Click here to find more information about our “Data Protection and Privacy” policy. 

Feedback and Complains:

We value our customers, our customers are the heart of our business. We aim to be transparent with our customers and this has been the foundation of our company.

As a firm we stand by our customers at their tough times. At G&M we always have and always will offer expert advice for the best effortless customer experience which we are known and respected for. The vast majority of our customers are happy and satisfied in addition to recommending G&M to their family and friends. It is the foundation of our business. If you have any feedback or complaints, please check here.