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G & M Direct Claim takes pride in never ceasing in fighting for the fundamental claim and compensation rights of our clients. We provide the best guide, advice and legal service on car accident injury claim London. Certainly, facing an accident and the situation that emerges afterward is not easier. Many intricacies and complexities may arouse, afterward, to haunt and harm you. However, there is no need to worry and panic: we are always here to guarantee you the utmost level of safety, comfort and peace. We guarantee you that by joining your hands with us, you will be able to get maximum out of your injury claim.

car accident injury claim london

What should you do after an accident?

Claiming car accident injuries can become an easier and successful process if you take certain precautions. Those precautions and necessary step will lead to formulation of a stronger claim, therefore, you becoming able to get the maximum out of the claim.

Stay calm – In case of a car accident you must try to stay calm and peaceful. Undoubtedly, many factors can make you lose your control and senses, after a car accident can be extremely upsetting. However, to keep your senses in control is essential as you will be able to ensure safety and security. There is no benefit in getting out of control.

Do not leave the scene – After keeping you in calm and control, try at best not to leave the scene. The law even require the police to stop the person involve in a property damage, car accident and such cases. Moreover, is a person runs from the scene, even though he/she is innocent, the law may not be so welcoming to the person. Also, it may potentially weaken your case.

Call the police – Avoiding to call the police can turn out to be a mistake. Although the claim procedure does not involve the police role as mandatory. However, by calling the police you can prove your law-abiding nature. Moreover, in one way or another, you are going to need the help of the police. For example, you need file a police report of the incident. The report can prove very helpful in accurately establishing the responsibilities.

Document the accident scene – Do not by any chance forget to make notes and documents of the place of the accident. Forgetting to accurately document the scene can lead to future complications. Today, the cellphones have up-to-date camera features. So, try to take all necessary pictures of the scene and the surroundings as accurately as possible. Further, also write down details on the parties involved in the accident, including particulars about their insurance providers. Also, if the witnesses are there, request them to provide short notes and statements to help you strengthen the case.

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Car Accident

You may be entitled to make a car accident claim for compensation when you have suffered an injury in a road traffic accident which was clearly the fault of the other party.

Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in the last three years that wasn’t your fault and feels wrong, we can help you make it right with a compensation claim.

Do not be apologetic – Avoid taking the blame of the accident on your shoulders. Especially to you insurance providers, do not make such statements which make weaken your claim. Needless to say that you need to be truly honest on the particulars. However, there is no need to apologise for the wrongs done by others. Believe it or not, the insurance companies will try to benefit as much as possible from your apologetic statements. Deal with aftermath – Never ever you should try to shy away from the consequences that are related to the accident. Always be courageous and upfront to deal with the aftermath of the situation. For example, you may need to follow the proceedings of your case, regularly contact your insurance providers or answer calls from the other parties involved in the accident. More you try to stay away, the more things will turn to your face. So, accept the reality by embracing the aftermath scenario of the situation. Hire our legal advisor – At the end of the day, the services of a professional and experienced solicitor is all you need. Do not try to file or follow the lawsuit on your own. The chances are abound that you will end up filing a weak lawsuit that may either lead you spending more or may get dismissed at the initial stages. Also, the proceedings may turn against you. The case becomes further riskier when it involves complications: for example, many defendants are there to claim.

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Leading and trustworthy name – We are the leading name in the town and handling the car accident injury lawsuit since very long. Our successful rate of our proceeding is resounding. Efficient handling of all claim – No matter, whether the matter is a minor one or involves increasing complexities we are always ready and available to bring the maximum for the client. The chances are that there are many defendants or that the accident resulted into a range of injuries. So, in case of any degree of complexity in the lawsuit we are more than ready to help you through. Ensuring basic rights and freedoms – Our advisors and solicitors have a history of fighting on the behalf of our clients. We believe in protecting your basic rights and freedoms and put maximum energy and potential in guaranteeing those freedoms. Affordable – Our services are tailor-made and cater to the needs of a large base of clients. We charge only standard rates to our customers. Moreover, as your case concludes, you will find that you have been paying minimum to us, all the way winning the maximum out of your claim.

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