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G & M Direct Claim takes immense pride in guaranteeing the highest rate in successfully translating our client’s claim into reality. We lead the town in terms of our trustworthiness and reliability. We have been regarded as the excellent accident claim company London by our clients. So, if you are searching for the establishing and pursue the claim in the most suitable way then look no further. We are here to perfectly guide you through. Our advisors and solicitors have an experience that spans over years. So, we know how to handle your claim worries the way it brings the maximum to you.

Establishing an accident compensation claim

If you face an accident or a harm which is because of someone else’s negligence then you can claim for accident compensation. So, the claim is actually oriented to compensate a person who suffers injuries. As the fault does not lie on your shoulder and there is another personal who brought this injury to you, therefore, you are entitled to the compensation claim. Generally, the successful claim requires that you establish it in the three years since the accident, and there is a doctor you have been visiting, and, also, the proof that the said person is responsible for the injury. In case you succeed, you will get compensation for the injuries as well as money to duly cover the losses you incurred.

What damages an insure company covers?

‘How much your claim is worth for’ forms the core of queries that majority of the clients ask. To accurately establish the true worth of your claim it is essential to look into the damages and harms against which the insurance company will compensate. There are a range of damages for which a personal is liable for and, therefore, the insurance company must step into paying for the injuries. An insurance company pays for:

i)                 Expenses related to medical health and safety

ii)                Losses in income – as an accident may strip a person’s income away which the person has during the accident or the chance is that due to injuries the person may not be able to work.

iii)               Permanent injuries in case of disfigurement or future disability

iv)               Damages to property

v)                Loss of experiences, social, family, economic, and educational; for example, a person misses a training or fails to attend an important event

vi)               Harms and damages to feelings – a person’s emotions may get damaged as a result: for example, tensions among members of family, depression, embarrassment.

Our Services

Car Accident

You may be entitled to make a car accident claim for compensation when you have suffered an injury in a road traffic accident which was clearly the fault of the other party.

Personal Injury

If you’ve suffered a personal injury in the last three years that wasn’t your fault and feels wrong, we can help you make it right with a compensation claim.

Why should you choose the G & M Direct Claim

Joining your hands at our service will be among the wisest decisions you will ever make. Certainly, many firms are there in the town, however, many factors distinguish us as the leader in the town.


Our years-long experience is our strength. Because of our experience we are capable of guaranteeing the highest successful rate to our clients. Our solicitors and advisors know all relevant and important details about making a successful claim. Therefore, we have been providing an entirely systemic and organized services.

No-obligation basis

We strongly encourage you to get our services for advice and consultation on the compensation claim. We do not charge on our customers for the advices we offer. It is our utmost priority to facilitate you as much as possible in a way that it brings comfort and joy.

No Win No Fee

Our claim compensation services operate on the No Win No Fee basis. Therefore, feel free to arrive at the firm to establish a direct claim.


It is a source of utmost pride to us that our services are meant to address our client’s challenges. By no means we intend to put burden on the pockets neither we look at the paychecks. We ensure cost-effective claim compensation service which will enable you get the maximum out of your claim.

Around the clock availability

Whenever you need us you can contact us. We are available around the clock to help our clients through the process.